Years ago, I was fortunate to have done an extensive amount of beverage photography for both the STROH BREWERY, and HIRAM WALKER. While doing beverage photography on a regular basis, it was a natural extension to include food in the photographs. With one thing leading to another, over the years, food photography has grown to be not only a major part of my work, but in fact, commercial food photography is now my specialty! I like to think that my challenge is not just to do extraordinary food and beverage photography, but to make the viewer salivate! When the viewer wants to eat the food in my photograph, I've done my job!

I've recently moved to the east coast, Toms River, NJ, and travel the country to produce outstanding food and beverage photography wherever the road might take us. We specialize in food and beverage photography, as well as all of the elements that compliment that, including interior and exterior restaurant photography, as well as photography of restaurant professionals, chefs and staff.